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Q: Tell me about your parties... what's included, how much is it, etc?
A: Please see our party page located here >

Q: What is the maximum number of children you can accommodate at a party? Why can't we add more than the maximum?
A: We can accommodate up to 20 children max. Considering each child will be accompanied by 1-2 parents, your party can have up to 40 people total. We have a small intimate studio with limited seating. Your party will be much more successful if you invite children who mean the most to the guest of honor.

Q: What if we have a "drop-off" party? Can we add more children?
A: A drop-off party is allowed for children over 7 years old. There must be one adult present for every 4 children to help properly supervise the party. Please call to discuss your specific activities in order to confirm that we can accommodate your party.

Q: We have babies coming to the party, do they count as a "guest"?
A: Non-walking infants 12 months and under do not count as part of your guest allowance. Children who are old enough to create a mess to clean-up count as a guest - we recommend the studio for children 2 years and older.

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