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How does Open Studio work?
A: Open Studio is available BY APPOINTMENT during posted hours (classes require advanced registration). You pay by the hour and your hour starts when you arrive. Children may explore any of the activity stations at their own pace. They can make as much art as they like & use any of the available materials on the floor that day. There is no instruction; parents must supervise.

Q: Can I drop off my child?
A: Parents must supervise all children. We do not provide babysitting services.

>>Some rules you need to know...
• Please bring healthy children to the studio. Sick children will be asked to come back another time.
• We remove our shoes in the activity areas. Please bring socks or slippers.
• There is no running, jumping or climbing allowed in the studio. If you have a very energetic child, you might want to get some exercise before visiting or wait until the child is older.
• No food allowed in the activity areas.
• No dress-up clothes allowed in the painting area & vise versa. 
• Children must wear clothes at all times (even when dressing up in costume).
• Grown-ups are asked to silence cell phones & take calls outside if necessary. 
• Please be considerate of waste. Materials are to stay in their containers on the shelves; please take what you need. 
• Attendants are not allowed to take home art supplies unless they have become a piece of artwork.
• Any damages to the studio will be paid for by responsible family.

Q: Is this paint washable? Will this come out of my child's clothes?
A: There is a significant chance your child may get paint on themselves (or on you). Please dress for mess if you are concerned with washability. We can not guarantee that paint or any of our materials will come out of clothing.... We have aprons & fresh hand towels for your child to use during your visit, so mess is usually very limited.

Q: What is the youngest age you allow at the studio?
A: We recommend waiting until at least 18 months old to visit. Your child must have passed the "put-everything-in-my-mouth" and "throw everything on the floor" stages to enjoy your visit and avoid damages to the studio. Your child will explore the painting easels, craft tables, blocks, chalk, puppets & masks. The younger the child, the more supervision required of the accompanying adult. 

Q: Do you sell food? Can I bring food with me to Open Studio?
A: We do not sell food. If necessary, you can bring a *light snack* for your child (crackers, cheese sticks, juice, etc), but it's better to eat before you visit. Children must eat at our designated "snack table" or outside. Food is not allowed in the activity areas or in the adult sitting area... Birthday Party bookings arrange for food & cake.

Q: Can I use one pass for 2 children?
A: You may as long as it was purchased at FULL PRICE. If you purchased the pass with any additional deal or discount, you may only use it for 1 child.

Q: I have a 5-Visit Pass that has expired. I didn't use all the visits, will you still honor it?
A: Pass holders are given 6 months to use their discounted visits. This is ample time, and so we will not extend the pass beyond it's expiration. If you are experiencing a difficulty while your pass is active, please call to discuss your situation 562-912-4800.

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