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For Home Learners...
Averyboo Arts is an approved vendor for Sky Mountain,  
Sage Oak, iLead, Inspire, Valiant Prep, and Excel.


We offer unique, FUN daytime options incorporating multiple subjects with art specially designed for home learners. Charter funds accepted at no additional charge for Homeschool Classes.
​•  Grades K-3>
•  Grades 4-7>

> Monthly Art CLASSES

For an additional $10, We accept charter funds for any of our monthly art classes, year-round​.
Click on any class for description, days & times:


You may pay out-of-pocket, online to immediately enroll -or-If using charter funds, please:
1) Email Averyboo Arts first, to set up account & reserve a space in class (we might be full).
2) Contact your charter to request a PO with correct price (add $10 if requesting a "monthly class" only, not "homeschool class").
3) Until PO is received, student is "pending". A confirmation receipt will be emailed when PO is received. 
4) Student may not start class until PO is received. To guarantee your spot on the roster, place a valid credit card on file and be sure to submit your PO at least 2 weeks in advance (Inspire, submit at least 1 month in advance).

5) If PO has not been received by first day of class, a valid cc will be required to proceed. If PO *still* has not been received by the last day of class, we will charge your card for the full amount. Charge will be reversed minus $10 when PO has been received.  

> Meetups & Playdates

Visit during our Creativity Lab Hours for a playdate (recommended age 4-10) or arrange for private group appointment. Call 562-912-4800.