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2024 Summer Camp Schedule!

Summer at Averyboo is heating up! This year’s summer schedule offers a diverse range of art experiences, designed to ignite imaginations and spark creativity. From designing dream castles to the world of Bluey and Friends, there's something for everyone. Each camp is a full week, unless otherwise noted. Take advantage of multi-camp and sibling discounts. 

June 24

9am-12pm Design a Dream Castle (Ages 7-10)

Let your artist’s imagination run wild as they design their very own dream castle! Each camper will channel their inner interior designer as they plan color schemes and build objects to decorate their own medieval castle! Each child will be given a multi-room, wooden castle (a big one ya’ll!) to paint and create furnishings in whatever style they choose. Maybe we’ll even make a pet dragon to live inside! When the week is done, each student will take home an enchanting castle, fit for kings and queens. Enroll>

July 1

9am-12pm Mixed Media Art (3-Day Session, Ages 7-10)

1pm-4pm Mixed Media Art (3-Day Session, Ages 5-7)

This session is prorated for the holiday. A three-day exploration of mixed media art! Campers will experiment with a variety of materials and techniques, combining drawing, painting, collage, and more to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Enroll>

July 8

9am-12pm Playing with Food (Ages 7-10+)

1pm-4pm Playing with Food (Ages 5-7)

Fun food art will be made! Artists will have a blast drawing, painting, using clay and sewing in this wacky mixed media ART Camp. We’ll take inspiration from fruits, fast food, and of course, sweet treats! Each session is tailored for different age groups so that everyone can join in on the fun! Enroll>

June 15

9am-12pm Hello Kitty and Friends (ages 7-10+)

1pm-4pm Bluey and Friends (age 5-7)

The Hello Kitty camp is all about cuteness!  We’ll make arts and crafts inspired by iconic SANRIO characters including the kitty queen herself! For the younger kids, we’ll make art inspired by lovable Bluey and her family. Kids will draw, paint, collage and even learn some simple sewing! It’s a whole week with the focus on these gentle pop-culture friends. Enroll>

July 22

9am-12pm California Summer (ages 7-10+)

1pm-4pm Mushroom Land (ages 5-7)

California Summer: Campers will take an imaginary roadtrip, making art inspired by the mountains, deserts and oceans of California! Explore the beauty of the Golden State, from forests and sandy beaches to graffitied city streets and amusements, we’re sure to find some fun sights along the way. We’ll also tie dye our own travel packs! 

Mushroom Land: Young artists will create a magical sculpture that will double as a play set! Campers will take home a whimsical world in which to pretend - made by their own hands! Includes drawing, painting, collaging & clay! Enroll>

July 29

9am-12pm Creatures of Legend (Ages 8-12)

Unleash imagination into the world of legends! We will discover loads of inspiration from legendary, sometimes magical creatures rumored to exist - like unicorns, jackalopes, Yeti, kraken, & many more. Let's draw, paint, & sculpt! Enroll>

August 5

9am-12pm Mixed Media Art Camp (Ages 7.5-12)

Artists will use a variety of materials and techniques to make ART! Campers will experiment with new techniques and materials in a supportive and inspiring environment. Projects will be completely different from our July 1st session, so sign up again! Enroll>

With our 2024 summer camp schedule, the creativity is endless! Whether your child is designing dream castles, playing with food, or exploring mythical realms, they're sure to have a summer filled with imagination, friends, and artistic growth. Don't miss out on the adventure – enroll in Averyboo’s art camps before they fill up!

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