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Little Picassos

Introduction to Art 

(Age 5-7) We love watching our young artists start to blossom in their skills and confidence during this fun introduction to art concepts and materials. This is such a special age when our kids grow leaps and bounds in their fine motor skills, focus, and ability to follow a guided lesson.


Awesome Art 1

Beginning Art 

Students learn about elements & principles of design, art history, enhance skills, explore a variety of mediums & techniques while making their own artwork.

Awesome Art 2

Drawing & Mixed Media Art

Students learn about elements & principles of design, make creative choices, nurture their artistic abilities, use a variety of mediums, & enhance techniques while making art!

Crystal Salt

Class: Art of Slaves

HomeSchool Art

Cross-Curricular Art Lessons

Students gain knowledge in cultural diversity, history, social studies, math, language arts, geography &/or science while making art using concepts from class.


Design & Build

Students design and build a 3-Dimension sculpture using a variety of sculpting mediums like papier mache, plaster &/or polymer clay. Techniques in texture, color theory, and painting complete the masterpiece.

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