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My Neighborhood Rocks!

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

We're all safe at home.

As of now, we're able to go for walks, so I thought it might be fun to host a community Front Yard ART SHOW. Anyone can participate! Our theme for April is... "My Neighborhood ROCKS!"

Simply paint &/or decorate as many rocks as you like and arrange them in some way in the front of your house or apartment. Get creative!

WHEN: Try to paint & arrange your rocks between now and 4/13 (if later, that's ok) Then WHAT?: Take a photo of your arrangement and post on Instagram &/or Facebook with the hashtag #averyboorockart

WHY?: The hashtag will help us gather the photos to create a web gallery for all to see.


- We are giving away a starter sack of 6 rocks while supplies last. - If you would like one, please email ASAP to reserve & arrange for pickup.

- Use acrylic paints, permanent markers, or heat-up your stones and draw with crayons to decorate your rocks.

Tips: - When using acrylic, you will get better results if you paint a white coat first. - If you mess up, you can always scrub the paint off with a wet cloth.

- Use the back of your brush to make dots for patterns & details.

- If you are trying the hot stone & crayon method - take precautions not to burn yourself.

Over the next month we hope you will discover more colorful rock art popping up during your walks! Take pictures!! Tag #averyboorockart Art is not cancelled! ~ Ms. Natalie

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