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Re-Opening, Phase 1

The last three months have been ::HARD:: to say the least. I haven't had time to bake bread, garden, or go on long bike rides, but I hope you have. My brain is too fried to think of an eloquent blog post explaining it all so I'll try to keep this update simple. We are approaching a critical month for Averyboo - JULY. This is our equivalent of the retail "Christmas Season"; the month that carries us through the slower school transition of August & September... Behold, our Summer Flyer with in-person and virtual camps! It'd be awesome if you would share it with at least one friend with kids :)

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Re-Opening : Phase 1, June/July

We will be re-opening the studio slowly for 1/2 day camps in July. With distancing recommendations, we can seat 6 students; 7 tops, so if your child has been waiting for an in-person experience be sure to snag a seat. For those who would like to continue on with our virtual platform, online options are here to stay! We've been having a great time with our students and have managed to retain nearly ALL of them for the last 3 months, which is a testament to our program!

I am also working on single in-person workshops including the return of our Saturday Canvas Days plus projects for younger kids and families. These will be announced in our next e-newsletter.

Phase 2 : August/September

Honestly, we have to see how July goes and what the current recommendations are. We may begin to have our regular classes inside if feasible. I've only heard from a small handful of people who are ready to return. If you are one of these people, please sign up for in-person camps & workshops so we know folks are interested. Virtual classes will continue for sure. Homeschool will continue virtually for sure if not able to meet in-person.

Saying Good-Bye Next, I want to update our clients of changes to services. Unfortunately, the nature of COVID19 has negatively affected some of our staples.

Averyboo Arts
My Little Avery 2010

Pee Wee Art is sadly, going away. This was the longest running class at Averyboo and began about 9-10 years ago. I currently have tween students who got their start in Pee Wee (Hi Charlie & Jordan!) My own 14 year old son used to participate alongside me when he was a wee tot (<that's him). This was a communal class with shared workspaces & supplies, but toddlers need the freedom to explore & socialize so, for now, we have to say "good-bye".

Little Picassos: This age group has really surprised us online - They're doing GREAT!!! At this time, we feel it is best to continue online until the risk is much lower.

Creativity Lab: This is another service that does not hold up well under current circumstances. Communal workstations, shared art supplies and creative play areas will need to change.

Parties: I probably don't need to explain much about why this service will need to change... We now offer virtual parties on Saturdays and can customize a project just for your group. We will assess feasibility of allowing small groups inside at a later date.


Many businesses are putting on their smiley, "nothing's wrong" faces, but many are still struggling whether it be financially, logistically, physically, mentally, or all of the above. Lots of truly considerate people have offered to assist me whether it was to board up my windows, send me loan info, forward flyers to their PTA, or volunteer. If your favorite businesses have made it this far, you can help by cooperating with their policies, wear your mask so they don't have to ask you to, keep your appointments, be certain before you buy, and share their posts. Kind, positive word of mouth is the best advertising & helps so much! 💖

Thanks for reading!! We miss you! Ms. Natalie Director & Instructor

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