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$15 each, paints sold separately.
Choose from: Balloon Dog or Unicorn

This is a great screen break activity. Be sure to follow our tips below to encourage your child to spend as much time as possible painting and doing their best...

1. Have a variety of acrylic paint colors ready, including special materials like glitter paints, & gluable items.

2. Encourage your child to choose base colors FIRST. Don't paint the eyes & polka dots right now; those are details to save for last.

3. If your child is older or a little more advanced, challenge them to blend colors. For example, the ocean doesn't have to just be "blue". What would happen if you added or blended blue with green to paint the sea? Or grey and blue to make dolphin skin?

4. After the first layers have dried, your child can add patterns, highlights, shadows and other details.

5. Finally, add glitter paints or gloss for a finishing touch!

* Remember there is no right or wrong way to do this. Let your child make color choices even it's not what you would choose yourself :)
** All Sales Final, for pickup only. 

Quirky Themed Ceramics

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