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Great to See You!

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

We recently hosted a couple of student picnics at the park to thank our Virtual Families who stuck with us throughout the pandemic. It was wonderful to see the kids in person again and give them a chance to see their classmates face-to-face; many of them students who were in class with us 15 months ago when everything shut down!

Getting to chat with all the parents & give/receive hugs made me feel like an Averyboo family again. It was really validating to hear such lovely feedback as well.

What was especially nice were the little sparkly eyes of our young artists! They looked happy and some of them were eager to give us hugs. Cheers to making it through unprecedented times - It's not over but it feels good to finally see the dark cloud lifting. ❤️Ms. Natalie

Here are some photos...

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