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Happy Anniversary + We're Moving!

Last week marked the 12 year Anniversary of Averyboo Arts and a year of navigating Covid19... Starting April 1st we will be moving to my home-based studio and letting go of our beloved space in Bixby Knolls.

This may sound like a sad turn of events, BUT we're actually excited!

We already have a waiting list for May at the new studio so things are off to a great start! And the best part... my home studio is only 5 minutes away 🙌

Although there is hope on the horizon with regards to covid, the fact is, we're still in the middle of a pandemic. Vaccines are looking good, but at the time of this post, only 10% of the entire state of CA has been fully vaccinated. We're still months away from truly knowing how things will pan out.

So here's the plan...

- There will be no interruption in providing online classes during the move.

- In-Person classes will take a break in April.

- Spring Break Camp will be held at the new home studio.

- Everyone on the waiting list will have priority to enroll in small in-person classes beginning in May.

- All teachers and staff members are still employed & say "hello!" - If you happen to see any social media posts about us "closing", please help us out and clarify that we are moving.

✨This is just temporary✨ The strongest know when to pivot and adapt to survive 💪 Follow Us on Instagram to see photos of the new space as it unfolds, coming soon. To get on the waiting list for an in-person class, please contact: Cheers to 12 Years and more! ❤️️ Ms. Natalie

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Brandis Rodriguez
Brandis Rodriguez
Mar 18, 2021

Art is where the ❤️ is!

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