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Lucky 13 - Happy Birthday to US!

Our 13th business anniversary was on March 6th without much celebration BUT we certainly deserve to celebrate. As most know, we closed our commercial space almost a year ago. The plan was to look for a new space in the Fall but unfortunately that pesky virus still made things too uncertain to make such a costly investment.

As I type, I'm nostalgic, sad, frustrated, proud, grateful, lucky... A location doesn't make a business, the services and people do and I've been fortunate to have good people working for me over the years and through the pandemic. Scroll to the end to see some photos of the women who helped nurture Averyboo over the years! Thanks, ladies!!❤️ 👉Jump to Photos

Working from my home has been nice and the only hindrance has been that we can only offer one class at a time. Our incredible, loyal clients have become more like family through these trying times and we continue to welcome them to my lil' studio garage.

So cheers to Averyboo Arts, my staff, and my family!

We made it.

We survived to make more ART together.


Ms. Natalie

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