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Winter Camps & Lookin'...

This year seriously zipped on by... It's December!?! It's time for holiday cheer, maybe a little travel/adventure and hopefully some time to veg-out too 🙂

Winter Camps

Whether you're tightening your belt, traveling, or staying cozy at home this year we have some boredom-buster options for the ART kiddos this Winter Break.

On-Demand Camp with social community

Firstly, I've been wanting to build an online Art HUB for quite some time but honestly, we're down to 2 employees and it's hard running an existing business, being a mom, AND trying to create something totally new... BUT, it's here!! Packaged along with our On-Demand Winter Camp is our new Student Social Community! ...While working independently on their interactive video courses, students can pop into the exclusive Social Community to get help, or participate in daily drawing challenges, post photos of their work, participate in LIVE events, or simply socialize with other enrolled students. This is a closed group and the boards are moderated by Averyboo staff! > It's like Facebook for kids except it's safe and free from commercial advertising! Unlike Discord, our message boards are only open to enrolled students for the duration of their class and also monitored to make sure everyone feels welcome.

So with that said, check out our In-Person and On-Demand camp offerings this winter...

Looking for a New HOME

Last night in class, one of our long-time students, Lyanna was lamenting about how "beautiful" our old studio was (view some old photos below)... the other students asked a lot of questions about why I had to close it. It had my heart aching for those good ol' pre-covid times and is why I'm publicly sharing the next bit...

Last spring I found a new location for Averyboo but unfortunately, while I was negotiating the lease, the building sold! In addition, Signal Hill was having problems fitting my business model into their "accepted" zoning codes. So Long story short, although, the space was almost perfect, I decided it wasn't going to be a good fit and let it go.

SO - I am reaching out to all of you... putting it out into the universe... We have been ready for a new space for several months. We are looking for a family friendly area that has the feel of an art gallery. Would also be open to sharing a space with the right business. If you have any leads for us in Long Beach or Lakewood please email them to Thank YOU! ❤️ Ms. Natalie

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